Frayvn by Calum Martin

Calum Martin

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This new album by Calum is an eclectic blend of his musical influences over the past 50 yrs, from Traditional Gaelic Psalm Singing and Piping to Rock, Folk, Blues and Americana all of which have been absorbed into his musical compositions and presented on this recording in his own unique and original style.

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Track Listing

  1. The Scarista Wedding. 03:17 (C.Martin)
  2. Math gu lèor leam fhìn. 03:41 (C.Martin)
  3. The Sutton Persuasion. 03:08 (C.Martin)
  4. Chi mi ‘n Geamhradh. 04:31 (C.Macdonald / R. Macdonald)
  5. DTs Welcome.02:51 (C.Martin)
  6. Earrach air an Eilean. 03:21 (C.Martin) (feat. Willie Campbell)
  7. Archie’s March. 02:14 (C Martin)
  8. Cailin ‘n fhuilt bhàin. 04:34 (M.Macdonald / Trad Arr.)
  9. Murdo A. 03:20 (C. Martin)
  10. An Dealan –dè. 03:37 (C.Martin) (feat. Isobel Ann Martin)
  11. Lachlan Alec of Uist. 02:50 (C.Martin)
  12. Fàgail Ghlaschu.04:44 (R. Campbell / Trad Arr.)
  13. Mist on Gweedore.04:14 (C.Martin)
  14. Isabella’s Tune. 03:29 (C.Martin)
  15. That’s alright with me.03:41 (C.Martin) (feat. Adam Cunningham)
  16. Ps 119 Aleph. 03:05 (Music H.Sung)